Trust is a core value

Trust is a core value

There are few industries where trust is more important than in the locksmith world. After all, you are trusting the safety of your family and the security of your personal property to your San Antonio locksmith.

There’s a fair amount of homework you can complete on your own, when researching a locksmith:

  • Look at their website: is it up to date with accurate information?
  • Do they have easy to find Google and Yelp reviews?
  • How long have they been in business, or serving your area?
  • What’s the average tenure of their technicians?  
  • What are their average response times?

Once you’ve done your research, give them a call and ask the same questions, see if the information matches up.

Priest Lock & Key has been serving San Antonio for 30 years

We invite you to search the web and read the Priest Lock & Key reviews. In fact, Priest Lock & Key has earned 4.9 Stars from Google with 97 reviews and a 5 Star rating on YELP with 90 reviews. We’ve had the honor of serving San Antonio and the South Texas area for 30 years. And one of the many things we’ve learned in that time is trust has to be earned.

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